D.A.V. Public School, Rajabagicha
Cuttack, Orissa-753009
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School Activities  
Life skills, attitude and values, literary and creative skills, scientific skills, aesthetic skills, health and physical education forms a part of CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation). Besides Science Quiz, Exhibition, Talent Hunt, Clubs, Study Tours and picnics are included in Co-Scholastic activity.
Exhibitions in all disciplines such as science, language, social studies, art and craft are organized regularly in the school. The children prepare projects according to CBSE curriculum which emphasizes upon activity based learning.
Educational Tours 
To satiate the inquisitive temperament OF GROWING MINDS AND EXPANDING HORIZONS study tours and picnics are conducted regularly. These tours arouse zeal, enthusiasm and outlook of the students besides giving them much needed break.
House System
To infuse leadership qualities and to healthy competition the students have been divided into four houses. The house Captains are selected on democratic lines. Assembly duties are assigned to each house in turn. Various inter house inter school competition are held throughout the session.

Philantrohic Activities
Blessed are they whose bodies get destroyed in the service of others. Swami Vivekananda - With this ideology, the youth of the school are taught to extend their helping hand for the destitute, abandoned and physically and mentally challenged. The relief for victims of natural disaster and care for the senior citizen becomes the commitment of every child who crosses the portals of the school. Besides Blood Donation Camps is a regular feature.